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We are the worlds leading site for clash of clans cheats and we want to keep it that way,  we was founded in 2015 by Steve Meza and we have been the only site which provides a working hack for FREE! If you have always wanted to gain an advantage over your friends or just simply own everyone in the game then you have came to the right place. By using our site you can gain unlimited resources completely free of charge, don’t worry our hack is completely safe and updated on a regular basis meaning there is no chance of a ban.

Clash Of Clans mobile device

If you are viewing our website using a iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or any other mobile device with Clash Of Clans installed you qualify to use our mobile hack! Our mobile hack will automatically detect the game on your device so there is no need to download anything. (Does NOT require a Jailbroken or rooted phone) Please scroll down to the MOBILE Clash Of Clans section for more information, however if you want to go directly to the hack then click the button below this text.

Windows/MAC IMG

Our hack can also be used from your Windows or Mac computer, this is a good alternative to the mobile version as you can download the executable file meaning you can always have the file on your computer. To get started simply scroll down to the download section.

HURRY: Under 500 copies left! After their gone we’re going private.

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Get Unlimited Resources And Dominate Clash Of Clans Today!

Before we get started I would like to say a massive thanks to all the team members for making us how we are today!
Steve J. MezaJohn M. McConnellMohammed WatersAbby Hanson

These 4 fantastic people have created the only working Clash of Clans hack on the world wide web, don’t believe us? Well I’m certain about 80% of our visitors have already tried other websites to find themselves getting scammed and/or wasting there time. Still don’t believe us? Check our our amazing testimonials and our comments section to see what other people have to say.

Peace of mind: Our fantastic team has devolved this program with you (the user) in mind, our automated system checks if everything is still working and safe to use, if everything is good the current date will be shown below, in the unlikely occasion of the hack not working you will be notified and the download links will be taken down immediately.

Confirmed Working on: August 10th, 2016

Watch out for them fake websites!

Before we started developing the hack we decided to take a look around the web to see what other ones was about, we found hundreds of websites but to our amazement not a single one of them worked! We wasted so much time completing surveys only to be presented with another fake download, this had to stop so we put a team together to develop the only working COC Hack. We are serious when we say we have devolved the only working one which is available to the public, after all our FREE copies are gone we will be going private to sell our creation.

Rule CoC!

Have you always wanted to dominate Clash of Clans but never wanted to pay the hefty price tag for the resources? Look no further for a limited time we are providing 1,000 copies of our premium hack completely free of charge! Simply complete a 3 minute survey and you’ll have unlimited resources in no time. We really hope you like our service and enjoy playing the game with more resources.

We do ask that you only claim 1 copy per person as it gives other people a chance.

Mobile COC Hack

 We are proud to announce that the mobile hack has been released out of the beta stage, we now have full functionality so grab your copy while it’s FREE!

Confirmed working: August 10th, 2016
Algorithm last changed: August 10th, 2016

Welcome to the Clash of Clans mobile hack the wait is finally over, you can now use this version without experiencing any glitches or bugs, if anything we would recommend using this version over the Windows/MAC one, the reason being that it’s so simple and quick to use!

We would like to say a massive thanks to Mohammed Waters for programming this to perfection and making it so easy to use, when we say this hack is easy to use we mean it! The only thing you need to do is input how many Gems, Gold and Elixir you want into the boxes provided and of complete a simple survey to prove you are human.

How does it work?
Well we can’t tell you exactly how it works but I can explain in brief, when you click the mobile button below the scripts on our servers will start checking if your device is compatible, if your device is compatible our script will start to look for the Clash of Clans files hidden on your mobile device, if found you will be redirected to a page with a message confirming everything is compatible and it’s safe to continue. On that page you can tell us how many resources you want, after you have confirmed your resources our scripts will automatically inject into your game giving you everything you asked for! Obviously the whole process is a lot more complex but I can’t explain everything it’s a secret.

Important Security Update – Please Read!

Since the opening of our website we have been getting flooded by bots but you may be thinking okay whats the big deal? Well these bots have thousands of accounts on Clash of Clans and they are using our hack to gain unlimited resources, after they have obtained all their resources they are selling the accounts for a great amount of profit. Without this security update bots would take the 1,000 free copies in a day and us human users wouldn’t stand a chance! At first we thought we could stop the bots with a simple Captcha code,(Click for example) but we thought wrong somehow the bots was still bypassing it. We had to step the game up and this is where the new update was put into place.

This new update stops every single bot in it’s track and it is impossible for a bot to get past our new system but it’s not all good news, before the person is able to use our hack he or she will be required to complete a short free survey before we add the resources. We all know that completing a survey can be a tedious process but we promise it won’t take any longer than 5 minutes of your time, just think if it wasn’t for these surveys this hack would have been private by now and you wouldn’t be able to claim your free copy! After you have completed the survey we will add all your resources to your account ASAP. A survey will normally consist of the user filling out there details such as there name, email address, etc…

Clash Of Clans Hack Tool – Windows Or Mac

How to use

  • Read our TOS then download either the Windows or MAC hack by pressing the button below
  • Complete a short FREE survey, after the survey has been fully completed the download will start instantly
  • Connect your mobile device to your PC/MAC using the USB cable and open the Clash Of Clans App
  • Open the hack then press the connect button and the hack will generate your your information and display it in the settings box (Double check the information to make sure it is correct)
  • Enter the amount of Gold, Elixir and gems you want then press the submit button
  • Let the hack work it’s magic! (You will notice the change almost instantly)


  • 100% Safe
  • 100% Virus free (virus scan link)
    • Works with most devices (Android/iOS + More)
  • Add unlimited gold
  • Add unlimited elixir
  • Add unlimited dark elixir
  • Add unlimited gems
  • Works in under 30 seconds
  • No Jailbreaking required
  • No Rooting Required
  • Works for MAC and Windows
  • FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this hack free?
As we are a new website and our hack hasn’t been out long we needed to get the ball rolling quick, Steve (The Founder of HackClashClans) decided to give out a thousand free copies on a first come first serve basis. The idea of this was so people can see our hack in action and leave a review after they have used it, this would build up a good customer base for when we go private.

What happens when the 1,000 copies are gone?
After we’ve given out the 1,000 free copies we will hopefully be going private to sell the hack although this depends on our customer base. We need a lot of exposure to sell the hack and people need to know about us and actually believe our hack works before they buy it, if we believe that we don’t have a big enough customer base we will give out another thousand copies until we do. This will allow us to obtain more reviews and a bigger customer base. After all the copies are gone we will be going private to sell our hack to trusted people for a set price.

How can I obtain a private copy
We won’t be going private for a while but if you want to secure yourself a private copy we suggest you contact us ASAP! We will get back to you with a price and we can work to find something that suits you best.

Is this hack safe to use/could it get me banned?
We can guarantee you that our hack is 100% safe and will never get you banned! Our programmer (Mohammed Waters) has implanted a special system into our hack, in short this special system changes the hacks algorithm and checks if the hack is still working and safe to use, the system does this process every day and posts the results to the home page. Algorithm last updated August 10th, 2016

What happens if I still have the program after all the copies are gone?
If you haven’t paid for a private licence the program will automatically deactivate and will no longer work, however if you have paid for a licence key simply input it into the box provided and wait for the program to update itself

Does the mobile hack count towards the 1,000 copies?
Yes, every time somebody uses the mobile hack it will minus from the 1,000 copies, after all the copies are gone private users will get login information in order to use the mobile hack.

I have more questions?
Then please contact us for more information, don’t forget to read through the comments first as your question may have already been answered.



Finally a site that actually works, I’ve been hunting google for clash of clans free gems only to be parred off with FAKE sites. This one was my last shot so I completed a short survey and had my gems in no time!


I’ve always wondered how to hack clash of clans and now thanks to this site I know, I used the mobile generator and gained a nice amount of resources completely free of charge! 🙂


This is about the 10th site I’ve tried and I’m so glad to say this one works! I’ve wasted so much time completing surveys just to get ripped of, I came here completed a very short one and had all my resources in no time – Thanks so much! 🙂